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Antaeus Travel

Antaeus Travel is a leader in global travel management operating in three continents and five locations and delivering bespoke experiences around the world.
Keeping a traveler’s mindset for Antaeus head offices in Glyfada, the 770sq.m. open floor plan was transformed into a playful arena of collective pockets that encourages community and feels likes trolling outside. Envisioned as a public square, the reception is bathed in natural light from the skylight above while the wooden pergola and large potted plants enhance the outdoors concept that extends throughout the space.
WIP-Antaeus Travel-2
WIP-Antaeus Travel-3
Aside from the semi-transparent meeting room and executive offices, everything else is exposed, from the group workspaces to the ceiling services and the suspended baffles and clouds, presenting a design approach that is honest and clear.
WIP-Antaeus Travel-4
Small gatherings for impromptu exchange of ideas can be hosted in fully equipped meeting booths spread around the space.
WIP-Antaeus Travel-6
WIP-Antaeus Travel-6
The hive pattern of the porous ceramic wall behind the reception desk reoccurs on the vinyl graphics on glass walls and windows to highlight the sociable and lively atmosphere.
WIP-Antaeus Travel-9
WIP-Antaeus Travel-9
WIP-Antaeus Travel-11
The kitchen also doubles as a meeting point for presentations and screenings in a flexible and interconnected environment. Pops of orange, red, and yellow playfully disrupt the grey envelop which, during working hours, transforms into a vibrant place meant for citizens of the world.
WIP-Antaeus Travel-13
WIP-Antaeus Travel-13

Location: Glyfada, Athens, Greece
Client: Antaeus Travel
Status: Completed
Date: 2018
Architectural Design & Supervision: wip architects
Photography: Vasilis Skopelitis

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