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Glyfada Seafront Residences

Sited in a 1.175sq.m. lot on the seafront of Glyfada,
a stone’s throw from the world-class area of Ellinikon and a few meters away from a marina, the 3-unit apartment building is a private haven of luxury. Inspired by the breathtaking location, the Glyfada Seafront Residences invite the natural beauty of the landscape in and provide a seamless continuity between inside and outside.
WIP-Glyfada Seafront Residences-2
WIP-Glyfada Seafront Residences-3
WIP-Glyfada Seafront Residences-3
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From the bottom up, pilotis lift the structure up and provide unobstructed views of the sea to every apartment, all the while allowing for the articulation of sheltered communal spaces on the ground level, including a large swimming pool, an aquatic environment with shallow waters, a barbeque area, and a Mediterranean garden. Below this inviting ground level, the basement features the parking lot, staff rooms, a gym, and ample storage facilities.
WIP-Glyfada Seafront Residences-7
Each 270sq.m. apartment occupies an entire floor and accommodates three bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, a spacious living area, a kitchen, an office space, and a guest powder room. The main façade looking southwest is lined with floor-to-ceiling sliding glass walls that erase the limit between in and out and offer panoramic views of the sea and the sky. Using a palette of warm, natural materials such as walnut wood on the ceiling and the screens, ceramic slabs and the marble, mixed with growing plants and olive trees, the residences organically blend with the surrounding landscape while adopting a comfortable minimalism.
WIP-Glyfada Seafront Residences-9
A spacious roof terrace crowns the building and boasts lavish views of the horizon. It features an additional swimming pool, a lounge area protected by a concrete pergola, and plants on every side. Whether used as vacation or primary homes, the Glyfada Seafront Residences embrace the nonchalance of summer living all year round.
WIP-Glyfada Seafront Residences-10

Location: Glyfada, Athens, Greece
Client: Private
Status: Preliminary Design
Date: 2020
Architectural Design: wip architects, Christos Vlachos
3D renderings: wip architects

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