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Residence in Kambi

At one with the terraced land of Kea island, the residence in Kambi lets the endless Aegean blue invade the interior and reach every corner of this bioclimatic dwelling spread in two levels.
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The upper level contains the primary lounge and dining area as well as the open-plan kitchen, while the lower level features seven spacious bedrooms with en suite bathrooms.
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The south-facing upper level features sliding, floor-to-ceiling glass windows in opposite walls that when opened, unify the space with its adjacent patio at the back, covered with a lightweight pergola, whose camouflage net offers shade and seclusion.
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This verdant pocket offers an additional sitting area that is both indoors and outdoors, while it enables cross ventilation and highlights the conscious building approach.
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Taking root in traditional techniques such as the drystone walls that shape the Cycladic landscape, the exposed natural stones of the site, revealed during the construction, were left intact and double as back walls that are in parts completed with handcrafted stone walls. These textured, sculptural surfaces that offer constant visual pleasure are the counterpart of the omnipresent Aegean Sea visible from every room.
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The passageway on the lower level, paved with forged cement, loose gravel and soil, light up through the skylights that let natural light in from above and accentuate the form of the stones. At night, the skylights become a luminous pathway that leads the way to the house.
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WIP-Residence in Kambi-14
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Combining the raw beauty of concrete, with the warmth of the iroko wood and the humbleness of the locally-sourced stones, fully immersed into the rugged landscape, the residence in Kambi provides an airy environment that constantly provides its guests with the sense of being outside.
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Location: Kea, Cyclades, Greece
Client: Private
Status: Completed
Date: 2009
Architectural Design: wip architects, Christos Vlachos
Supervision & Construction: Christos Vlachos
Photography: Dimitris Poupalos

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