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Michalis Anousakis

For Michalis Anousakis’ hair salon, located on the ground floor of a lifestyle hotel on the busy Syngrou Avenue, adjacent to the old Acropolis neighborhood, we wanted to create a universe of vintage nostalgia meets modern luxury. The street-level glass walls invite the natural light in and envelop a sensory experience made of well-crafted details and smooth curves.
WIP-Michalis Anousakis-2
WIP-Michalis Anousakis-2
The vintage blue hue on the walls gives prominence to the white leather panels running the feature wall behind the front desk. The warmth of the iroko wood reception desk and tables is paired with bronze touches outlining the mirrors, furniture, and light fixtures. The Takara Belmont chairs reflect the century-old craftsmanship of the brand, while the white Didimon marble in the bathroom adds a classic lightness to the space. The bespoke shelves behind the glass walls offer an interesting display zone that draws passersby in.
WIP-Michalis Anousakis-5
The fusion of old and new is also manifest in the chevron floors made from Palladion dark marble slabs whose pattern is reminiscent of the traditional parquet flooring technique.
WIP-Michalis Anousakis-6
WIP-Michalis Anousakis-7
WIP-Michalis Anousakis-7
Enveloped by its concrete shell, the salon is an elegant sanctuary shaped by geometry, precision, and balance.
WIP-Michalis Anousakis-10

Location: Athens, Greece
Client: Michalis Anousakis
Status: Completed
Date: 2015
Architectural Design & Supervision: WIP
Construction: New Age Development
Photography: Dimitris Poupalos

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