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National Theatre Shop

The design of a mobile shop for the National Theatre’s summer tours was based on the concept of the "flight case". Also known as "road case", the flight case is a type of shipping container on wheels used to carry safely the fragile equipment of stage productions, hence it is connected, both functionally and conceptually, to the world of the National Theatre.
WIP-National Theatre Shop-2
Fabricated by the theatre’s in-house team, our modular design is composed of multiple plywood crates in various sizes based on the merchandise specifications spanning posters, souvenirs, publications, and other small items.
WIP-National Theatre Shop-4
WIP-National Theatre Shop-4
Inspired by the same idea, we also created a retail corner installed at the lobby of the Rex Theatre on Panepistimiou Street, where the interstitial 25sq.m. area under the staircase was transformed into a bright and versatile box.
WIP-National Theatre Shop-7
WIP-National Theatre Shop-8
WIP-National Theatre Shop-9
Last but not least, the containers get animated through the bold environmental graphics created by Busy Building, that reference the industrial shapes and symbols found on the original flight cases in a fresh and playful manner.
WIP-National Theatre Shop-11
WIP-National Theatre Shop-11

Location: Athens & Epidaurus, Greece
Client: National Theatre of Greece
Status: Completed
Date: 2019
Architectural Design & Supervision: wip architects
Environmental Graphics: Busy Building
Photography: Christos Galazios