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OROeORA Glyfada

For the interior design, our main goal was to create a space that is flexible and multi-purpose, by introducing different types of display units, nooks, and sitting areas to match the diverse needs while, at the same time, echoing the attention to detail and craftsmanship of the OROeORA collections. On the left side of the store, wall-to-wall wooden storage units with a lengthy display area face the more distinct cabinets on the opposite side. In addition, a rich typology of cabinetry is sprinkled throughout the store, either mounted on concrete walls or sitting on tailored metal stands.
WIP-OROeORA Glyfada-2
The use of materials such as wood, marble, sheet iron, and concrete offset the shiny sharpness of the merchandise and provide a minimal backdrop that elegantly frames the head-turning collection. The tailored black walnut tables offering comfortable sitting areas tie in with the floor-to-ceiling oat shelves that provide a warm and inviting embrace.
WIP-OROeORA Glyfada-4
WIP-OROeORA Glyfada-5
The shelves equally add scale to the space thanks to their black moldings tracing a reliable grid system that spreads throughout the store. The signature Argos Black marble desk adds extra texture while the constructivist staircase turns into an optical illusion that fuses the three dimensions. The black metal frames of the furniture become structural and underline the grid while enhancing the visual impression of the OROeORA items.
WIP-OROeORA Glyfada-6
WIP-OROeORA Glyfada-7
A special emphasis is given to the light atmosphere that focuses on highlighting each individual item, while the elegant Tobias Grau pendant lamps intensify the ritualistic feel of the space. Combined with the industrial undertones of the grey floor, ceiling, and wall surfaces, the lighting design produces a play of shadows exuding beauty, elegance, and intimacy, just like the OROeORA collection itself.
WIP-OROeORA Glyfada-8

Location: Glyfada, Athens, Greece
Client: OROeORA Printezis
Status: Completed
Date: 2014
Architectural Design & Supervision: WIP
Photography: Dimitris Poupalos

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