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Papagou Residences

Located in the eastern suburb of Papagou, in close proximity to the bustling center of Athens, the residences are conceived to offer peaceful comfort in harmony with their surroundings.
WIP-Papagou Residences-2
WIP-Papagou Residences-2
The building is composed of vertical layers that create a dynamic and distinguishable geometry while horizontal base plates extend towards the east and the west. The dark grey tones used throughout, the three black metal chimneys, the metal railings, and the exterior fence, convey the industrial character of the building that is offset by the warm tone of the wood cladding.
WIP-Papagou Residences-5
The construction contains three floor-through apartments and one three-story penthouse that open up to the front and the back through floor-to-ceiling glass, while hiding behind their concrete walls from the neighboring buildings on each side.
WIP-Papagou Residences-6
WIP-Papagou Residences-7
Inside each unit, the sequence of the rooms is determined by their relation to the adjacent outdoor terraces and the garden, as well as their connection with the surrounding landscape. The ground floor enjoys access to the private gardens on both sides of the plot while the living space is in direct contact with the private pool. On the second and third floors, the arrangement of the rooms is reversed with the lounge and kitchen facing the street and extending to the spacious outdoor terraces while the bedrooms are placed on the west side.
WIP-Papagou Residences-9
The 260sq.m. penthouse that occupies the third and fourth floors, in addition to the rooftop, features double-height living spaces, four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a library and an office space.
WIP-Papagou Residences-11
WIP-Papagou Residences-12
WIP-Papagou Residences-12
The house has exclusive access to the roof garden which boasts a private swimming pool and offers a bird’s eye view of the city and Mount Hymettus. From the outside, the penthouse is veiled by a metal screen that adds drama to the architectural composition while offering privacy and shade. A pergola hovers over the building, adding lightness and a sense of elevation.
WIP-Papagou Residences-15

Location: Papagou, Athens, Greece
Client: Private
Status: Under construction
Date: 2023
Architectural Design & Supervision: wip architects
Interior Design: wip architects
Lighting Design: Skia Lighting
3D renderings: wip architects

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