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Psomi & Alati

Psomi & Alati is an all-day restaurant by chef Yiannis Lucacos, conveniently located in the central Eleftheroton square in Chalandri, in northern Athens.
This interior design project involved the total revamping of the space in order to create an updated architectural identity that would match the brand’s philosophy. The restaurant’s name, Psomi & Alati, aka “Bread and Salt”, is inspired by the primary, most essential elements that make up the Greek cuisine and captures the chef’s vision to create a menu rooted in tradition. Keeping that in mind, the design concept was inspired by the soil (bread) and the sea (salt) with the intention to stage a warm, elegant and comfortable environment.
WIP-Psomi & Alati-2
WIP-Psomi & Alati-3
WIP-Psomi & Alati-4
The white boiserie unifies the space and produces a comforting embrace of the sitting area. The earthy and soulful character of the eatery’s cuisine is reflected in the warm brown hues sprinkled around the space.
The ceramic pendant lights were designed and handcrafted specifically for this project to add depth to the space and enhance its geometry. The serenity of the predominantly white and beige tones provides a calm yet "salty" interior that looks as it were in the countryside.
WIP-Psomi & Alati-6
WIP-Psomi & Alati-7
The glass-enclosed wine wall doubles as a live, visually-pleasing wine list for the customers.
WIP-Psomi & Alati-8
The kitchen area is in direct visual contact with the sitting area to emphasize the continuity and the transparency between the process and the end result. The frieze above the kitchen consists of a lightbox that enables the diffusion of soft light at the back of the restaurant day and night, while the wooden panels on the ceiling absorb the sound, providing a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere.
WIP-Psomi & Alati-10

Location: Chalandri, Athens, Greece
Client: Yiannis Lucacos
Status: Completed
Date: 2014
Architectural Design: wip architects
Photography: Dimitris Poupalos