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Residence in Ekali

Three entangled volumes that sit on top of a rectangular base compose this private residence in the upscale northern Athenian suburb of Ekali. Built on a steep slope and extending over 1296sq.m. of land, the Ekali Residence was conceived as an observatory opening upon panoramic views of the city on every floor.
WIP-Residence in Ekali-2
From the outside, the structure of the building is understood through the superposition and the distinct materiality of each volume.
WIP-Residence in Ekali-3
The bottom level is black and provides a firm and even foundation to the rest of the house. It envelops a number of leisure areas in addition to a staff room, a guest room, and other auxiliary spaces.
WIP-Residence in Ekali-5
WIP-Residence in Ekali-5
The ground floor, where access through the main entrance is made possible, has marble cladding and accommodates the communal spaces, the living, dining, and kitchen areas.
WIP-Residence in Ekali-8
WIP-Residence in Ekali-9
WIP-Residence in Ekali-10
WIP-Residence in Ekali-10
WIP-Residence in Ekali-10
WIP-Residence in Ekali-13
This level also features an outdoor swimming pool and a spacious garden terrace with a barbeque area, while enjoying the shades cast by the overhead volume. The latter includes the primary and three additional bedrooms, all of which are connected to a long veranda with wood cladding that adds warmth to the overall design and highlights the seamlessness between indoor and outdoor living.
WIP-Residence in Ekali-15
WIP-Residence in Ekali-16
Above this volume, a smaller cube is placed with more leisure spaces, a bar, and a playroom. Finally, a vertical volume connects all of the others and is used to move from one floor to the other. This element blocks neighbors' view from the back, all the while inviting ample natural light in from the two sides.
WIP-Residence in Ekali-17
WIP-Residence in Ekali-17
Overall, the materials used extend from the inside to the outside, emphasizing the sense of a continuous flow to the space. Earthy hues offset the rigid geometry of the superposed volumes, whereas the natural landscape is in constant view through the glass windows on each floor, making the residents travel while at home.
WIP-Residence in Ekali-20

Location: Ekali, Athens, Greece
Client: Private
Status: Completed
Date: 2013
Architectural Design & Supervision: wip architects
Construction: D.N. Nikolis
Photography: George Fakaros

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