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Residence in Messinia

Set on a six-acre plot amidst olive groves and cypress trees, just meters away from Chrysi Akti, a four kilometers long sandy coastline in Messinia, in western Peloponnese, the residence is designed with the intention to take full advantage of its privileged location and the region’s climatic conditions.
WIP-Residence in Messinia-2
The villa offers complete immersion into the verdant landscape and is composed of two distinct volumes, one vertically placed on top of the other, that together form a T shape. The upper volume seems to be floating despite its heavy mass and comprises the primary bedroom with en suite bathroom and a spacious terrace.
WIP-Residence in Messinia-4
At the same time, the upper volume covers the outdoor dining and lounge areas below providing shade throughout the day. Enhanced with an infinity pool, this area is conceived as a seamless extension of the garden and the adjacent indoor spaces.
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An additional 4-bedroom unit is created below the ground with its only visible side facing the Ionian Sea. Two inner gardens are placed between the rooms allowing for cross-ventilation and activating the indoors with nature.
WIP-Residence in Messinia-10
WIP-Residence in Messinia-11
The architectural design merges various ways of filtering the sunlight and aims at establishing a play between privacy and exposure. The perforated wall at the back of the building doubles as a porous border between the house and the street. The sliding wooden screens that create a warm embrace around the glass shell of the primary bedroom are also used in the lower level to separate the patios of each bedroom and offer isolation.
WIP-Residence in Messinia-12
WIP-Residence in Messinia-13
The concrete pergola shading the exposed terrace allows for dappled light to filter through, hence providing a serene and peaceful environment.
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The thoughtful use of iroko wood, combined with the earthy tones of the terrazzo floors and the locally-sourced stones that cover the exterior walls, together aim at providing a sense of calm and a grounded serenity to the end user.
WIP-Residence in Messinia-16

Location: Messinia, Peloponnese, Greece
Client: Private
Status: Completed
Date: 2021
Architectural Design: wip architects, Christos Vlachos
Interior Design: Block 722
Landscape Design: Outside Landscape Architecture
Construction: Detale Architecture & Engineering
Photography: George Fakaros

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