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Simply Burgers

For the Simply Burgers restaurant in Agia Paraskevi, our mission was to redesign the brand’s spatial identity, which led us to reframe its philosophy as a whole. The restaurant being located in a busy street of fast-food chains, we deviated from a generic franchise aesthetics and adopted a refined European attitude.
WIP-Simply Burgers-2
The glass storefront is symmetrical with two equal guillotine windows separating the inside from the outside. This sense of symmetry is equally mirrored in side the restaurant through the implementation of a shell enveloping the cash desk and the kitchen. Occupying half of the lengthy ground floor, this metal framework, in parts panelled with textured glass and white tiles, outlines the action happening in those areas that becomes a spectacle for dinners and take-away clients to attend. At the same time, it adds transparency, both formalistically and symbolically, to the process of how the food is prepared, packed and served.
WIP-Simply Burgers-4
WIP-Simply Burgers-5
Next to and above this shell are the sitting areas which are designed to make one feel at home. The use of materials like the fabrics of the couches and the pillows add a sense of homeliness. Behind the tables, the textured arches on the feature wall create a theatrical play of depth and height, while their curves underline the softness of the space. The winding staircase with its perforated metal screening becomes a see-through sculptural element that increases the interior natural light flow and allows for visual contact with the back yard.
WIP-Simply Burgers-6
WIP-Simply Burgers-6
WIP-Simply Burgers-8
Nature also physically invades the restaurant through designated green spots on the mezzanine and the walls. Complementing this organic feel, the color palette merging hues of blue, mint green, brick red, white and grey perfectly matches the earthy tones of the terrazzo floor. Bold typography completes the space and adds to the crafted and uplifting atmosphere.
WIP-Simply Burgers-9

Location: Agia Paraskevi, Athens, Greece
Client: Simply Burgers
Status: Completed
Date: 2020
Architectural Design & Supervision: wip architects
Construction: Flexus
Photography: Giorgos Sfakianakis