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For StreetWok, a new concept for Asian cuisine in Athens, we were asked to imagine and design the food chain’s spatial identity and apply it to all seven of its locations in Athens. As its name suggests, the brand interweaves with the dynamic movement, intensity and fluidity found on the street. Textures and patterns borrowed from the urban environment are introduced in our design, allowing for the surrounding setting to permeate each place.
The highlight of the interior is a box that separates the kitchen from the sitting area. Behind the glass, with galvanized iron sheets at the top and at the bottom, the cooks are preparing the food in front of the clients’ eyes. Thanks to this architectural element, a close proximity with the food preparation is established which not only helps stir the appetite, but it also lets the people get an inside look into the very production of their meal and this transparency can lead to more brand credibility.
To align with the urban concept, the cityscape served as a resource for inspiration. The bold graphics on the wall spring from the street art found all around the city. The metal furniture underlines the industrial approach of the overall design and alludes to the raw beauty of a dense city.
Color-wise, the predominantly grey and black palette is offset by the warm tone of the wood found on the tabletops and the walls. The red accents of the visual identity also permeate the space and add intensity to the overall industrial feel.
As a modular project spreading out over multiple locations, StreetWok is an exploration of how interior design can help shape and enhance the identity of a food brand and help fabricate a distinctive, memorable, and easily adaptable atmosphere.

Location: Various locations, Athens, Greece
Client: StreetWok
Status: Completed
Date: 2013 – 2021
Architectural Design & Supervision: wip architects
Construction: Flexus
Photography: Dimitris Poupalos, Vasilis Skopelitis

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