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Untold Mykonos

Immersed in the rugged landscape of Aleomandra, in the southwest part of Mykonos island,
Untold Mykonos is a private retreat that is both subterranean and above the ground. The 10-bedroom and 12-bathroom villa can also be divided into two distinct units both of which enjoy ample views over Ornos beach and the surrounding area. Built on a 5000sq.m. plot of land, the architecture aims at a seamless continuity between indoor and outdoor living. The villa’s eastern orientation allows for the morning sun to reach every corner of the house while ample natural light invades the interior from day to night.
WIP-Untold Mykonos-2
The lower level of the residence is a bioclimatic, subterranean construction enhanced by an infinity pool that runs along the eastern side. The pool features a sunken seating area with a built-in fire pit. This outdoor lounge area was conceived as an effortless extension of the indoor spaces that are directly connected to it, such as the airy lounge area and the bedrooms.
WIP-Untold Mykonos-4
WIP-Untold Mykonos-5
WIP-Untold Mykonos-6
The fluid border between indoors and outdoors is further highlighted through the use of tropical inner gardens and patios that adorn the spaces and provide a calming and grounded atmosphere. The floor-to-ceiling sliding windows disappear into the walls and eliminate the physical and visual border between the inside and the outside.
WIP-Untold Mykonos-7
WIP-Untold Mykonos-8
WIP-Untold Mykonos-8
WIP-Untold Mykonos-10
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WIP-Untold Mykonos-12
The top level is an additional 5-bedroom unit with two swimming pools on both sides and lavish views over the Aegean. Special emphasis was given to the overall interior design and styling, with most of the larger pieces having been produced specifically for the location. Handpicked art pieces also adorn the various spaces, adding to the sculptural and visually stimulating experience of the place.
WIP-Untold Mykonos-14
WIP-Untold Mykonos-15
WIP-Untold Mykonos-16
WIP-Untold Mykonos-17
Natural materials such as stone and meranti wood are used in complete harmony with the surrounding landscape and turn the villa into a fully-integrated environment, while the highlight is a 40-meter long wooden pergola that emphasizes the linearity of the design and provides shade to the adjacent interior spaces. The pergola also allows for the creation of sheltered areas that feel like a “nest” or a“warm embrace”, such as the outdoor BBQ that features a fully-equipped kitchen and a communal table facing the sea.
WIP-Untold Mykonos-18
WIP-Untold Mykonos-19
The landscape design takes cues from the Cycladic environment and is in harmony with Mykonos’ endemic vegetation. The green areas, spreading over 3000sq.m., are thoughtfully conceived and designed to include Mediterranean flowering plants, herbs, bushes, phrygana, and grasses that are strategically placed to highlight the plot’s best views, protect from extreme weather conditions, and distinguish between the different uses of each plot area. A dedicated TRX area, an edible garden and a Belvedere are also included in this green haven.
WIP-Untold Mykonos-21

Location: Mykonos, Cyclades, Greece
Client: Private
Status: Under construction
Date: 2022
Architectural Design & Supervision: WIP
Interior Design & Styling: WIP
Construction: Evertech
3D renderings: CAD Monkeys

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