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Kea Horizon

On the Cycladic island of Kea, the closest to mainland Greece,
Villa Kea Horizon is tucked away in Vroskopos, together with the adjacent Villa Kea View. Both estates are located a few meters away from the One & Only Kéa Island luxury retreat and are accessed through the main street that leads to the resort.
WIP-Kea Horizon-2
Lying on a plot of 8.147sq.m., Kea Horizon is conceived as a private sanctuary in complete harmony with the terraced land. Designed as an ode to the natural beauty of the location and based on the principle of openness, it’s an environment where the Aegean Sea is visible from every corner of the house, letting the eye travel far and dive deep into the blue.
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WIP-Kea Horizon-5
The spacious 975sq.m. property accommodates four double en suite bedrooms, in addition to the house’s communal spaces. Each bedroom opens up to a private patio with lavish views over the Aegean archipelago and a jacuzzi, while the shared living space and kitchen boast a large terrace with a 243sq.m. infinity pool.
WIP-Kea Horizon-7
WIP-Kea Horizon-8
On the lower level, the villa is enhanced with a theatre room, a gym, and an indoor sauna, as well as two staff bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms. An independent 80sq.m. guest house with its own main entrance compliments the estate and includes a shaded terrace and an infinity pool.
WIP-Kea Horizon-9
WIP-Kea Horizon-10
The bioclimatic design offers unique advantages to the residence. The enclosed structure enjoys abundant natural light and cross ventilation through the roof openings and the sliding glass walls that provide a seamless continuity between indoor and outdoor living.
WIP-Kea Horizon-11
Crafted with stones, wood, and marble, the design is infused with colors and textures inherent to the surrounding landscape, all the while producing a fully integrated environment invisible from the outside.
WIP-Kea Horizon-13

Location: Kea, Cyclades, Greece
Client: Private
Status: Building permit obtained
Date: 2020
Architectural Design: wip architects, Christos Vlachos
3D renderings: CAD Monkeys

Kea View