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Villa Punta Ios

Perched at the tip of a hill in Punta, Ios, overlooking both the famous Mylopotas beach to the east and the island’s port to the west, Villa Punta is a sheltered observatory embracing its setting.
WIP-Villa Punta Ios-2
Designed in collaboration with architect Christos Vlachos, Villa Punta is a subterranean sanctuary that combines all of the benefits of bioclimatic, conscious building. Thanks to its privileged position, the house enjoys unobstructed, all-round views of the Aegean archipelago and the surrounding rocky landscape, fully experiencing both sunrise and sunset.
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The residence features ample openings to the east and the west that allow for panoramic vistas and optimal ventilation conditions. The main, open-plan living spaces are arranged around a central patio that becomes a green pocket emphasizing the continuity between indoors and outdoors.
WIP-Villa Punta Ios-6
WIP-Villa Punta Ios-6
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The main sitting area is further extended thanks to the horizontal, overhead canopy that gently rests on floor-to-ceiling glass doors that disappear into the walls and produce a sense of limitlessness.
WIP-Villa Punta Ios-10
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The villa boasts 5 double bedrooms, each with an en-suite bathroom, that are evenly distributed on the right and the left side of the residence. The property is enhanced with two large infinity pools on the front and the back, that are directly connected to the rooms and visually blend in with the Aegean Sea.
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Villa Punta is designed to provide a comfortable and airy environment, while its openness makes one experience an oceanic feeling.
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Location: Ios, Cyclades, Greece
Client: Private
Status: Completed
Date: 2021
Architectural Design: wip architects, Christos Vlachos
Supervision & Construction: Christos Vlachos
Photography: Stavros Niflis

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