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Sotto Terra Ios

WIP-Sotto Terra Ios-1
In the cosmopolitan, Cycladic island of Ios, Sotto Terra is an airy and bright sanctuary sculpted by the Grecian light, surrendering to breathtaking views over the Aegean archipelago. Designed in collaboration with Christos Vlachos, the residence is fully immersed into the rugged natural landscape of the 4.073sq.m. estate.
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Following the curves of the ground, the residence spreads over two distinct levels facing the endless sea. The guest room and the parking area are placed on the lower level, whereas all indoor living spaces of the villa are found on the top level. The main residence is composed of two separate volumes connected via a corridor that divides the living and kitchen areas from the four bedrooms.
WIP-Sotto Terra Ios-4
WIP-Sotto Terra Ios-4
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Sotto Terra Ios celebrates the Greek sun and how it shapes the man-made geometry while becoming one with nature.
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WIP-Sotto Terra Ios-8
The fa├žades are made of locally-sourced stones that tie in with the surroundings and feature sliding glass walls that provide a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor living. The same effect is produced thanks to the invisible border of the two swimming pools - one facing west, the other south - that visually fuse with the sea.
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Same as the interior design, the landscape design focuses on offering both functionality and aesthetic pleasure. The large concrete steps become one with the terraced plot, providing easy access to all levels of the property and, at the same time, frame the wild, rocky nature that graces the estate. As a land-based environment, Sotto Terra Ios redefines modern luxury through the lens of sustainable living and purposeful simplicity.

Location: Ios, Cyclades, Greece
Client: Private
Status: Completed
Date: 2014
Architectural Design: wip architects, Christos Vlachos
Supervision & Construction: Christos Vlachos

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