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Wip architects is a design practice that addresses the shifting role of architecture in a constantly evolving built environment. Founded in 2005 by Kyriakos Keoglou, the practice spans private residences, apartments, offices, retail, wellness centers, restaurants, and bars, that all share the same values of quality, sustainability, and innovation. From concept to design and project development, wip architects produce tailored and unique atmospheres that blend harmoniously into their surroundings. Housed in a neoclassical townhouse in the historic center of Athens, the studio comprises architects and interior designers that daily reflect on the past, present, and future of architectural design.


Wip stands for "work in progress" and, as our name suggests, we believe architecture should not be an ensemble of moments frozen in time, but a continuous exploration of the evolving needs of people and communities in relation to their habitat. We build on constant reinvention and renewal, focus on the process rather than the style, and aim for environments that remain flexible and adaptable to the flow of life, no matter the scale or program of each project. We place a unique emphasis on sustainability and timelessness, by taking into consideration both the present and unknowable future, hence extending the life cycle of a building.
The founder of wip architects, Kyriakos Keoglou, is an architect with over thirty years of experience in the creation and production of spaces. After his Diploma in Architecture from NTUA, he joined Kokkinou Kourkoulas and BLP architects, where he got to work on small- and large-scale projects, public commissions, and architectural competitions. He worked on the design implementation phase of the new Benaki Museum building at Pireos street and competed for the National Bank of Greece office building at Aiolou street. He later went on to co-found ARC studio where he was designing and supervising exhibition pavilions, commercial spaces, and private residencies for ten years. Kyriakos has been leading the WIP team since 2005 and is now designing places of distinct character all around Greece.
Over the years, wip architects have been nurturing valuable relationships with a diverse group of professionals, each one bringing unique skill sets and vision to the table.

For the past twelve years, we have been collaborating with architect and developer Christos Vlachos, whose extensive experience in the creation of bioclimatic villas is unique. Taming the steep slopes of the Greek islands, together we produce unique subterranean houses nestled into the earth. Combining our expertise in underground construction, we build below-grade modern villas using locally sourced, natural materials and create comfortable, energy-efficient, and durable residences.

In addition, through our long-term collaboration with specialized crews and contractors such as Christos Vlachos, Flexus, D. N. Nikolis, and Ballian we can provide holistic solutions from concept and design to construction, maintaining a hands-on role in every phase of the project development from kick-off to wrap-up.

While emphasizing our interdisciplinary approach, we regularly team up with the creative agency busybuilding in bringing bold concepts to life, that combine architecture, graphic design, and visual communication.
Spatial philosophy, architectural concepts,
architectural design, hardscape design, product design, interior design, supervision, 3D visualization


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Kyriakos Keoglou
Lead Architect
Evangelia Kozanidi
Interior Designer
Thomai Christopoulou
Antonis Tzioridis
Anna Maria Tsordia
Konstantina Koukogiannidou
Melissanthi Papamitrou
Sonia Loukas
Stefania Chalkia